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Test Methord of DC Hipot Tester

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DC hipot tester is suitable for dc high voltage test of zno arrester, generator, transformer, switch and other equipment in power department.

Operation method of DC hipot tester:

(1) The test product is connected between the high voltage output end and the terminal.

(2) Plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch, the "high voltage on" indicator light (green) turns on, and the "high voltage off" indicator light (red) turns off. Voltage display table, current display table, 0.75 times voltage display table are zero.

(3) Rotate the voltage and current setting to the end clockwise, and rotate the voltage setting to zero anticlockwise. (note: the pressure regulating knob is not in the zero position, so the "high voltage off" button cannot be started.)

(4) Press the "high voltage" button lightly, and the "high voltage" indicator light is on (red). Slowly adjust the voltage adjusting knob to the voltage value required by the test. During the test, the voltage display table displays the test voltage value in kilovolts. Table 11 shows 75% of the test voltage in kilovolts. Current display meter 7 shows the test current value in kilovolts.

(5) If the 0.75 time voltage display latch button is pressed during the sample test, the display value of the 0.75 time voltage display table is locked and it is not convenient to maintain the display value. In this way, the zinc oxide arrester can be easily tested as the reference voltage.

(6) At any time, press the timing start button to start the time relay. When the time record reaches the predetermined time, the buzzer gives an alarm and cuts off the high voltage output.

(7) During the test, if the load current exceeds 0-10% of the rated output current of the instrument. "Over current" indicator lights up, over current protection to prevent damage to test and instrument.

(8) During the test, if the test voltage exceeds 0-10% of the rated output voltage of the instrument. The "overvoltage" indicator light will be on and protected from damage to the test object and instrument.

(9) After the test, after turning the anti-clockwise voltage adjusting knob to zero, the voltage display will slowly return to zero. When the three display instruments display zero, press the "high voltage on" button, the "high voltage off" indicator (red) will be off, the "high voltage on" indicator (green) will be on, and then turn off the power switch.

(10) When the sample has a large capacitance, the output voltage display meter cannot return to zero until the voltage adjusting knob turns to zero. The discharge rod is then used to discharge the specimen, and then the wiring of the specimen is removed.


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