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The Function of Resonance Test Set?

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The complete set of series resonance test is an indispensable test method for the daily debugging of electrical equipment. This paper mainly introduces the practical application of a complete set of equipment for frequency conversion series resonance test. 

(1) AC withstand test of power cable. At present, more and more xlpe-xlpe insulated power cables are replacing the original oil-filled paper insulated power cables at home and abroad. However, there are many problems in DC withstand test of traditional crosslinked polyethylene cable. Because the crosslinked cable is a large capacitance test, the use of series resonance test method is simple and convenient, can get good AC voltage frequency and waveform, has become the current crosslinked cable AC withstand the ideal test method. 

(2) AC withstand voltage test of power transformers, reactors and transformers. The AC withstand voltage test of power transformers, reactors and transformers is clearly stipulated in the world. Power frequency voltage test or inductive voltage test method can be adopted. According to this standard, the circuit of the whole set of inverter series resonance test device can be tested under any conditions. The device has a wide frequency and voltage range and is adaptable to the test object. It can be used with the test object of various voltage levels.

(3) SF6 closed combinator AC withstand test. AC withstand test is an important method to check GIS main insulation when SF6 is closed. In most cases, a series resonance test device is used. 

(4) AC withstand voltage test of other equipment. For circuit breakers, sleeves and other equipment, it is generally required that the withstand voltage test is power frequency voltage test. If the power frequency test device can not meet the field requirements, the resonant withstand voltage test method can also be used instead. When the resonant withstand voltage test is adopted, the test frequency is higher because the device capacitance is small, but the series resonance test device can also use appropriate compensation capacitance to reduce the test frequency, so that the instrument can reach the test frequency close to the power frequency.

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