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How to Use DC Resistance Tester

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In the electrical engineering’s daily work, it is necessary to test the resistance value of high-voltage cables, power transformers and other power equipment for making accurate judgment on their insulation performance. The transformer DC resistance tester (also called DC resistance fast tester) is also a very common Electric power testing equipment. This paper introduces how to use transformer DC resistance tester.

Preparation before test:

Connect the wire and turn on the power switch. At this time, the following information will be displayed.

Start measurement:

Connect wires according to the following wiring diagram :

After making sure the connection between the tested resistance and the transformer DC resistance tester is reliable . Press the corresponding buttons "▼" " ▲ "on the screen to switch the test current.

When measuring each phase winding of the same voltage level for the same transformer,should select the same current to measure in order to avoid system error. The capacity of the transformer is larger , the resistance of the winding is smaller, and the selected test current is larger . Note that the measurement range of the selected test current is larger than the actual resistance value. Press the "measurement" key to start the test. At this time, "charging" appears on the screen, And there is a charging progress bar to display the charging process. After charging, the screen display "please wait while measuring", and the screen area in the middle of the screen displays the measured resistance value.

Read the value after the reading is stable, and then press the "storage" key to store the measurement data or press the "print" key to print the data as required. If the measured resistance exceeds the measured range , then the screen shows "over range". At this time, press the "exit" key to exit the measurement, and then select the test current and try again.

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