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Russian Customers Reach Cooperation Again!

time:2019/12/12  reading:1967 time

Huatian Power has been engaged in international trade for 10 years, and has accumulated many customers with its high-quality products, professional technical team and perfect after-sales service system. Recently, the marketing department has received good news. Old customers in Russia once again purchased a total of 18sets SGB-C Digital Voltage Divider, including 5 sets of 50kV, 10 sets of 100kV and 3 sets of 150kV.

The client company was founded in 2009 and is located in Vologda, Russia. It is mainly engaged in the production of power distribution and control equipment. It also provides services for installing, repairing and maintaining power distribution and control equipment. The company had previously ordered SGB-C Digital Voltage Divider from our company, and the experience was very good after use. Therefore, this time I directly emailed the salesman to say that 18 sets of the same equipment are needed. The only difference is that the measurement part is not needed this time.。

After receiving the news from the customer, our business manager gave a quotation as soon as possible, but then the customer replied that only 6 units are currently required. At this time, the business manager noticed that the quantity of the customer's products was decreasing. Therefore, when he asked the customer why the quantity of the products was reduced before quoting again, the customer replied that the company's recent liquidity turnover was a bit tight. The expenditure budget for the equipment is not much, and the price given by our company exceeds their budget. In order to solve the customer's price concerns, the other party is our old customer again. In response to the price problem raised by our customer, our business manager proposed in the communication with the customer that if they can maintain the original quantity of purchase, our company will give a preferential price, and then offered a preferential price. After a few days' consideration, the two sides finally reached a cooperation agreement, and the customer directly placed an order to purchase 18 sets of equipment

A company can let customers choose to cooperate with you again. There is no doubt about the product quality. Secondly, we can not do without the company's professional technical support and perfect after-sales service. Huatian power will also adhere to the enterprise spirit of "professional creation of high-quality electrical testing products, integrity to win higher market honor", and implement the action principle of "integrity, cooperation, pragmatism and innovation", take "professional manufacturing" as the foundation, take "integrity management" as the backing, and constantly provide high-quality electrical testing products for customers at home and abroad.

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