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Indian customer , visited Huatian

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In recent years, with the extensive promotion and application of Huatian electric power measuring equipment in the domestic and international markets, our products and service are widely recognized and highly appreciated by world scale customers, which also attracted many foreign customer’s visit to our manufacture factory and build a long-term cooperation .

In April, Indian Customer D.K. Agarwal, general manager of AIR SYSTEMS LIMITED, visited Huatian. The  D.K. Agarwal want to choose a competitive China enterprise to cooperate and expand the Indian market with high quality products.

Our company’s Foreign Trade Manager Mr. Yang and R&H Chief Engineer Mr. Wang accompanied with customer  and showed him our company’s Showroom and main testing equipment .also guide him to visit our R&D center, production department and warehouse , he was very interested in SF6 test equipment and GIS products . D.K. Agarwal was deeply impressed by the company's good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere and hard-working employees.

Later, Mr. Liao met new friends in the conference room. Mr. D. K and Mr. Liao had a good talking  and exchanged their idea to each other.  Mr. Liao and Mr. D. K signed the cooperation contract and both looking forward to having good cooperation and build win-win business relationship.

Mr.d.k said: "I want to carry out distribution cooperation with top Chinese company. I also visited some other companies this time. While Huatian is the most bright one... Not the specific matters of cooperation, but the quality is most important. Huatian power's high-quality products and professional production line is perfect, and I am looking forward to the cooperation with your company in near future! "

Since its establishment in 2004, Huatian has been adhering to an open mind to welcome international friends to visit, and actively creating, cultivating, supporting and developing a good environment for independent export brands. Huatian does its best to provide considerate convenience and service for the friends from afar. We believe that with rigorous attitude, sincere attitude and first-class products, Huatian will make more international cooperation and achieve better results!

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