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Huatian electric power co., LTD. Welcomes cartek

time:2019/11/21  reading:1076 time

In recent years, with the widespread promotion and use of Huatian Electric Power's electrical measurement equipment in domestic and foreign markets, Huatian's good reputation has also been continuously recognized in the international market, which has attracted many foreign customers to visit Huatian Power Production Base, and Therefore, I have met many like-minded partners and formed long-term, stable and friendly cooperative relations with them. American company Cal-Tek Company, Inc is one of Huatian's most friendly partners.

On November 13, Dan c. Wiswell and Mr. Sun, the two principals of cal-tek Company, Inc., came to our Company again for a visit accompanied by manager lu, the elite manager of foreign trade business.The main purpose of the visit is to further expand cooperation and consolidate bilateral cooperative relations.

The senior management of the company also received the old friends from afar in the meeting room, and conducted in-depth discussions on the problems encountered in the current cooperation between the two sides and further cooperation issues in the future. We hope that the two sides can form a more healthy cooperation relationship, so as to achieve complementarity, win-win and common development in the current and future cooperation projects.

Later, accompanied by manager LV, the two principals came to the exhibition hall of the company to learn about our products one by one. In addition to the long-term agent of the ZGF DC Dipot Tester, Earth Resistance Tester, Insulation Resistance Tester, Micro Ohmmeter, Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester, HTXZ Series Resonant SystemJFD-2000A Partial Discharge Detector, HTDP-H VLF Hipot Test Set, and AC/DC hipot test set are the focus of the visit.

After visiting the exhibition hall, a group of people came to the production workshop of the factory to inspect the operation of the production line.Dan c. Wiswell and Mr. Sun were so pleased that they kept smiling。

After that, a group of people came to the workshop for physical inspection and operation explanation. In the process, the customer had a detailed discussion and exchange with our technicians on technical issues such as the parameters of their related products. The professionalism of the two friends also impressed us. We are very happy to learn from each other and discuss with each other!

Dan C. Wiswell and Mr. Sun, two serious, humorous and rigorous old friends, spent a full day in our company. The two words that they said most during the period were:The product quality is very good,and your enthusiasm is very appreciated!Huatian Electric Power thanked two old friends for their recognition and support. We will also win more customers' favor with more high-quality products and excellent technology.


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