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Mr. Wiswell visits huatian power

time:2019/11/21  reading:1210 time

In recent years, with the extensive promotion and application of Huatian electric power measuring equipment in domestic and foreign markets, Huatian's product quality has been receiving good reputation feedback in the international market, which has attracted many foreign customers to visit Huatian electric power production base and reached a long-term friendly cooperative relationship。

In mid May, Mr. Wiswell of cal-tek, an American company, and his accompanying Mr. Sun visited Huatian again for communication and investigation. Since the cooperation with cal-tek in 2017, in the past two years, the customer Mr. Wiswel has planned to visit Huatian 1-2 times a year. As the first time to visit Huatian electric power this year, the main purpose of customer Mr. Wiswell is to have more communication and deeper understanding on a series of previously purchased equipment, to communicate with different standards of electrical test equipment in China and the United States, and to solve possible problems of equipment。

Mr. Wiswell, a customer, visited Huatian for two days. On the first day, he communicated with company's general manager Mr. Liao and general manager Mr.Li, and gave feedback on the problems and misunderstandings in the previous purchase of equipment. Huatian actively responded to the existing problems and immediately put forward appropriate solutions and technical assistance. Mr. Wiswell was very satisfied and expressed his thanks。

Mr. wiswell is very humorous. In the communication with Huatian colleagues, Mr. wiswell held in-depth discussions on the current needs, future cooperation details and common development expectations of both sides on the basis of affirmation and appreciation, and made a rough plan for the next visit time。

The next day Mr. Wiswell mainly browsed the R & D center, production department and warehouse, and conducted in-depth study of the purchased equipment, browsed the operation process of YDJ AC/DC hipot test set (Oil Immersed) and Capacitance & Tan-Delta Tester, and focused on understanding the high accuracy Operation and debugging of Micro Ohmmeter. Mr. Wiswell reaffirmed the company's good working environment, orderly production processes, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere, and hard-working employees.

Afterwards, Huatian introduced a more portable version of our DC Hipot Tester to Mr. Wiswell. After communicating with Mr. Wiswell, Mr. Wiswell happily decided to update the previously purchased models。

Mr.Wiswell spent two pleasant and fulfilling days in our company. After the exchange, Mr. Wiswell was very sure of the strength of our company. He believed that our company has professional production and efficient solution and ability to solve problems. He hopes that the two sides will form closer and deeper cooperative relations and achieve mutual benefit and win-win in the future. Develop together!

Mr. Wiswell said: "My visit to Huatian is to effectively communicate the use of equipment. Huatian's attitude is very reassuring. Although there are differences between Chinese and American national standards, I believe in efficient communication like ours There is no problem here. Huatian is very attentive to my reception this time, so I have greater expectations for my next visit to China and Wuhan!”

Since its establishment in 2004, Huatian has always adhered to an open-minded attitude to welcome international friends to visit and actively create, cultivate, support and develop a good environment for independent export brands. Huatian does its best to provide in-place convenience and service for friends from afar. I believe that with a rigorous attitude, a sincere attitude, first-class products, and excellent after-sales service, Huatian will make more international cooperation and achieve better results!

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