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Huatian power and New Zealand company

time:2019/11/21  reading:1215 time

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, China's electric power industry growing rapidly, Huatian electric power also follows trend, having got lots of business partners by high-quality products, professional technical team and perfect after-sales service,  Huatian also actively develops overseas markets, increases the promotion of foreign markets, and our sales increasing year by year.

Recently, there are lots of the good news of Huatian electric power,  A New Zealand Company which conducts tests at the power station and industrial site purchaseed HT-802 Relay Protection Tester and HTZZ-3A DC resistance tester. This customer is a high-quality customer. After sending an inquiry, the salesman immediately provided the quotation to the customer, and gave an answer to the customer's questions. Then the next day, he received the customer's reply in the e-mail which asked about our warranty period and after-sales service, the salesman also replied to the customer in detail. what customer want was a microcomputer relay protection tester. At that time, we also had existing relay protection products which ready to export. The salesman immediately sent the real pictures and test reports of the equipment to the customer for reference. After they received the pictures, he carefully read our product instruction and made it clear that he would order, and then he asked about another product - DC resistance tester. The salesman offered the price and technical information to him. Then the customer placed the order. After signing the contract, the customer made the payment. After several days, the customer received the goods and expressed his satisfaction on our goods. This is our first New Zealand customer, and here We sincerely thanks our customers trust and support. We will continue to develop our technology and service to expand larger domestic and international markets. 

Huatian also keep in contact with old customers while developing new ones

Our old Vietnam dealer which cooperated for many years directly phoned us to inquire about HT-802 Relay Protection Tester. After the salesman quoted the price, because the customer trust the quality of Huatian. the customer placed the order directly and signed the formal contract after the salesman quoted the price.

Our old Russia customer which has been purchasing Dry-type Test Transformer from our company,  also directly purchased a batch of dry-type transformers again. Because we recorded every customer’ service information ,  old customer can directly place the order without extra communication process , which can be more efficiency and saves customer’s time.

In the future, the company will continue to provide high-quality electrical testing products for customers at home and abroad.

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