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Indonesia Customer Visit

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At the beginning of September,a good news comes out from the Foreign Trade Department of Huatian Electric Power that Pt.PT.SUMBETRI MEGAH from Indonesia established long-term relationship with with us and purchased a batch of our products including: HTBZ-H Automatic Transformer Test Bench, SGB-C Digital Voltage Divider, FDB-100KV discharge protection ball gap, gm-10kv adjustable high voltage digital megger, etc. 

The Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian: Republic of Indonesia, English: Republic of Indonesia), Indonesia for short, with Jakarta as its capital, is a Southeast Asian country that our company exports power equipment all year round and has excellent cooperation.

"Excellent quality, considerate service, customer first, integrity-based" is Huatian's consistent policy.  We will never forget our original intention and forge ahead in our developing process !

HTBZ-H Automatic Transformer Test Bench conforms to GB1094, GB / t4776, GB / t5169 and other relevant national standards.

Our automatic Transformer Test Bench mainly tests the no-load and load characteristics of HV transformer and distribution transformer, and can also do Frequency doubling induction test and power frequency withstand voltage test on the tested transformer.

The measurement part of the device is controlled by a high-grade single-chip microcomputer. The digital display, no-load, short-circuit and other test data are synchronously sampled by the single-chip microcomputer, which avoids the errors caused by the manual calculation of voltage, ammeter and power meter in the traditional test method.

Product Name: Transformer characteristic comprehensive test bench, transformer characteristic test bench, transformer comprehensive test bench, transformer test bench

1. The Automatic Transformer Test Bench adopts large screen LCD display, which is clear and easy reading in display classification and convenient in operation.

2. It can do DC resistance test, transformation ratio group test, no-load loss test, load loss test, AC voltage withstand test, induction voltage withstand test and other tests of transformers with capacity of 2500kVA

3. Direct reading of voltage and current , digital display meter or pointer meter, printing and output of loss, transformation ratio and direct resistance test results

4. Over current will make audible and visual alarm and timing in voltage withstand test

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