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Hubei customers cooperate smoothly

time:2022/9/16  reading:2040 time

Recently, customers in Ezhou, Hubei Province contacted Wuhan UHVand said they wanted to purchase a batch of power equipment. Prior to this, the customer saw the video of technicians operating the DC high-voltage generator on the relevant platform of Wuhan UHV, which left a good impression on the customer and also made the customer have a strong interest in Wuhan UHV's products.

In the follow-up communication, it was learned that the customer's test object was a 35kV cable with a length of 1000-3000m. The customer himself is a professional technician, so after detailed communication with the technical specialist of Wuhan UHV, he was very satisfied with the configuration of 300kV/5mA DC high-voltage generator, and successfully signed the purchase contract the next day.

After using the equipment for a period of time, Wuhan UHV made a telephone call back to the customer. The customer said that it was really much easier to learn the operation video of Wuhan UHV and carry out the test than to read the manual before. Now they have successfully completed more than ten cable tests and safely delivered power.

It was also learned from the subsequent feedback that at first, the customer saw the operation video of the DC high-voltage generator on the relevant platform of Wuhan UHV unintentionally, and then they knew and chose us. At the same time, it also gave friendly suggestions on the follow-up video content of Wuhan UHV, hoping that Wuhan UHV could continuously update the operation video of the instrument. Through the video, they can continue to learn in their spare time, and enthusiastically expressed that they would find opportunities to visit, exchange and learn from each other in the later period.

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