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Highly appreciated by customers!

time:2022/9/9  reading:1801 time

Recently, Wuhan UHV Sales Department sent another good news, and Shenmu customers purchased a batch of Wuhan UHV equipment.

As early as last May, manager Liu, the person in charge of the customer company, contacted us. At that time, many technical knowledge related to power was very unfamiliar to manager Liu. Therefore, the communication efficiency between the two sides was relatively low at that time.

However, manager Feng gave patient and meticulous answers to the questions raised every time, helping manager Liu solve many professional and technical problems. Subsequently, in this one-to-two-way communication, manager Liu planted the seeds of trust in his heart.

At that time, because the project had not started yet, the procurement plan had been delayed. During this period, manager yuan of Wuhan UHV took over the business. After taking over, manager yuan also helped manager Liu solve many problems and technical barriers.

After more than a year of sincere exchanges, manager Liu was moved by the professionalism and sincerity of Wuhan UHV, and resolutely chose us. The two sides successfully reached this cooperation, and manager Liu also gave high recognition and appreciation to Wuhan UHV.

Manager Liu feels that Wuhan UHV's professionalism and service are incomparable to other companies. Wuhan UHV is also honored to reach this cooperation with manager Liu, and it is our honor to be recognized by customers.

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