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Add new orders to the international market!

time:2022/8/19  reading:2087 time

Recently, the marketing department has been actively exploring, and there have been many good reports. The transaction customer is from Myanmar, which is a supplier mainly engaged in bidding projects.

In late May, the customer sent the inquiry information. After receiving the inquiry information, the foreign trade manager of Wuhan UHV gave the customer feedback at the first time. The company provided a series of data such as company certificate, qualification information and product parameters to the customer, and preliminarily confirmed whether the product can meet the customer's needs.

Since the customer has not cooperated with Wuhan UHV before, in order to let the customer have a deeper understanding of Wuhan UHV, the foreign trade manager of Wuhan UHV power actively applied to arrange wechat video dialogue with the customer. The company displayed the company's appearance in real time to customers online, and made a real-time operation demonstration for the startup of relevant equipment inquired by customers. After the video conference, the customers expressed satisfaction with the production technology capacity and product quality of Wuhan UHV, and also showed great interest and cooperation intention.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the project of the client company has been suspended for a long time without any progress. Therefore, in the follow-up process, the project was suspended.

As the saying goes, after the epidemic situation gradually stabilized, until the middle of June, the customer communicated with Wuhan UHV again and sent a message that the project had won the bid. The end customer would sign the contract soon, but it would take some time to pass the review of the material documents. Subsequently, we confirmed the equipment performance parameters, delivery date, payment method and transportation method one by one, and exchanged the related matters of customs clearance. At this time, the customer still did not place an order.

It was not until mid August that the customer finalized the order and completed the payment. The cooperation negotiation that lasted more than two months finally ended at this time. Now the product has been produced, waiting for the customer to select a freight forwarder, ready to ship.

Since its establishment, Wuhan UHV has been committed to maintaining a healthy, rapid and steady development momentum, building a modern international first-class professional electrical testing company, and seriously serving every customer. We firmly believe that as long as we do a good job in products and services with love, we will be able to pursue our dreams!

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