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Provide after-sales service for customers!

time:2022/8/12  reading:1030 time

Recently, Shanxi customers purchased a batch of test equipment from Wuhan UHV. In early August, at the request of the customer, Wuhan UHV sent after-sales technical personnel to the customer's company for after-sales technical training.

In the morning of the same day, the technicians arrived at the customer's company. Later, during the conversation with manager Wu, the person in charge of the customer, we learned that the training was targeted at the maintenance personnel of the group's substation. So that they can use these instruments smoothly in the maintenance process of the substation in the future.

Subsequently, manager Wu arranged the person in charge of the substation to lead the technicians to the training site. During the communication with the operators, the technicians learned that they had previously used relevant instruments and knew how to use these instruments to measure relevant parameters, but they did not know much about specific tests.

They hope to learn how to do this experiment through this training. After understanding the customer's needs, the technicians of Wuhan UHV patiently and meticulously demonstrated the operation process of relevant tests to the customer.

After the patient guidance and explanation of the technicians, the customer finally mastered the test method of this test.

Next, the technician explained the theory of other equipment to the customer, and showed the functions and usage of these instruments to the customer one by one. Because the customer had used similar instruments before, he quickly mastered the essentials.

So far, the after-sales training tour of Shanxi customers has been successfully completed!

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