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Shandong customers buy a batch of equipment!

time:2022/8/5  reading:212 time

On July 4, Shandong electric power company signed a purchase and sales contract with Huatian power to purchase a batch of power equipment. Up to now, all the equipment has been tested and packaged, and delivered to customers in Shandong. The on-site training service of Huatian power technicians has also been successfully completed.

The successful conclusion of this cooperation mainly depends on the customers' absolute trust in manager Cui of Huatian power. As early as the second half of 2021, manager Sha, the technical director of the customer company, and manager Cui had a discussion on equipment selection. After several professional and patient exchanges, the customer finally determined the purchase list. But later, due to some force majeure factors, the project was temporarily shelved.

Huatian power has developed for 20 years since its establishment. The recognition of society and customers is the biggest driving force for the continuous progress of Huatian power. We will serve every customer with our heart and make common progress with all our electric colleagues!

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