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Shanxi customers cooperate smoothly!

time:2022/7/29  reading:242 time

Recently, Shanxi customers have purchased a batch of equipment related to the second-class test of Huatian power, and have successfully completed various factory tests, which will be sent to the customer's location today.

In June this year, the technical specialist of Shanxi customer company contacted manager Feng of Huatian power. Because he used the equipment of Huatian power when working in another company in the early years, "Huatian power" left a deep impression on the specialist. At present, the company in office just needs to purchase test equipment, so the specialist thought of Huatian power at the first time, and soon got in touch with our company's salesperson.


Although there have been contacts in the early stage, it has to be said that technical professionals are very rigorous in understanding and selecting each equipment parameter. Therefore, the sales manager responsible for connecting with customers also spared no effort to recommend some more cost-effective equipment to customers.

After the contract scheme was determined, in order to meet the customer's on-site use needs, Huatian power quickly adjusted the production line status and allocated the production plan. With the active cooperation of the production colleagues in the workshop, the products completed the factory inspection and delivered smoothly according to the contract delivery date.

The reason why this contract order can be successfully signed and achieved great success is not only the active communication of colleagues in the sales department and the confirmation of relevant technical solutions, but also the painstaking and active cooperation of colleagues in the production workshop, as well as the cooperation of colleagues in the after-sales department without complaint and the coordination of delivery time. This is the result of the joint efforts and conscientious performance of the colleagues in all departments of Huatian power.

It is precisely because Huatian power always implements the principle of "user first", considers customers more, and solves customers' needs and difficulties that Huatian power's products and services can win customers' trust!

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