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Provide technical support for customers!

time:2022/7/22  reading:1196 time

Recently, customers in Jiaozuo, Henan Province purchased a batch of high-voltage test equipment from Wuhan UHV. At the same time, at the request of customers, Wuhan UHV sent after-sales technical specialists to Jiaozuo to carry out after-sales training services.

After arriving at the destination, the technical specialist contacted the customer in time and learned that the customer needed to test a 10KV substation this time, and the technical specialist needed to guide the customer to complete the tests corresponding to other equipment.

In the morning of the next day, the technical specialist accompanied the customer's testers to the test site. The first is a series of tests of 10kV vacuum circuit breaker: circuit resistance test, insulation test, power frequency withstand voltage test and switching dynamic characteristic test. The technical specialist made demonstrations for these tests one by one. During the demonstration, the technical specialist explained in detail the use mode of the equipment, the wiring mode of each test and the precautions required in the test process to the customer, emphasizing the safety of the circuit breaker withstand voltage test, ensuring the efficiency and safety of the customer using the equipment alone in the future. After the patient explanation of the technical specialist, the customer has fully understood the test methods related to the circuit breaker and the use of the equipment.

Next, the technical specialist conducted a test demonstration on the remaining equipment one by one, explaining in detail the use mode, wiring mode and function introduction of each equipment. It is worth mentioning that in the test of measuring the transformation ratio polarity of current transformer with the transformer volt ampere transformation ratio polarity comprehensive tester, except that the measured secondary winding needs to be connected to the equipment, other windings need to be short circuited to prevent the secondary winding from high voltage injury accidents and ensure the accuracy and safety of the measurement.

After the technical specialist completed the tests of all the equipment in turn, the customer's testers used the equipment again to carry out various tests independently, which were all well completed. So far, the customer has skillfully applied the test equipment of Wuhan UHV to other test projects. At the same time, the customer is very satisfied with the functions and quality of the equipment, and highly evaluates the technical level of the technical specialist! This Jiaozuo after-sales service trip came to a successful conclusion!

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