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Chongqing customers will cooperate again!

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In July, a scorching season, a month full of vitality and sunshine, Wuhan UHV people's enthusiasm for work is also particularly high. Recently, the Wuhan UHV market department received the good news of signing large orders, some of which are foreign project procurement, and the Chongqing order just signed is a project in Nepal, which is mainly used for the preventive test of electrical equipment in Nepal's lilingrui hydropower station.


A total of 26 pieces of equipment were purchased this time. At present, Wuhan UHV is actively preparing goods.

This order is a contract signed with an engineering unit in Chongqing, which is mainly responsible for the construction and maintenance of some hydropower stations in Nepal. The two sides began to communicate the functions and parameters of this batch of equipment in 2021. After a year, the order was finally officially signed.



As it is a foreign project, the transportation is inconvenient, so we must ensure the product quality to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by later equipment maintenance. More importantly, the manufacturer of the product is required to provide relevant technical guidance when using the equipment while ensuring the quality. Therefore, the client side was very cautious about this cooperation. Before signing the contract, relevant personnel were specially arranged to visit Wuhan UHV for on-site investigation. They visited the production department, R & D department, quality inspection department and other departments of Wuhan UHV one by one, and had a detailed understanding of the principles and functions of relevant equipment. During the visit, the technicians introduced the equipment of the Nepal project in detail, and the two sides finally confirmed the model and specification of the equipment. In the next few days, the supply and demand contract was successfully signed.


In recent years, due to China's leading position in power construction technology in the world, large state-owned enterprises led by CSCEC, China Railway, China railway construction, China Communications Construction, China hydropower, China MCC, China energy construction, etc. have undertaken more and more overseas power construction projects, which has also driven the development of some domestic power related industries. Wuhan UHV is also one of them, and has participated in nearly 100 projects, large and small, such as the Ethiopian urban network upgrading project undertaken by the first water conservancy bureau, the power construction project of shengtun Mining Group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the power construction project of Yongding group in Zambia, the power supply project of TBEA in Zaire Province, Angola, and so on. Of course, ironmaking also needs its own hard work. Only when it has enough strength can it stand out in the fierce market competition!

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