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Re cooperation with old customers in Beijing!

time:2022/6/24  reading:320 time

June has arrived as scheduled, and the first half of 2022 is about to end. In 2022, the epidemic spread throughout the country, Shanghai was completely closed for two months, Beijing had repeated epidemics, and the continuous outbreak of epidemics in various provinces and cities was under heavy pressure. Even so, we still need to forge ahead. In mid June, good news came from the marketing department that Beijing old customers purchased a batch of Huatian power's level 4 test equipment.

Beijing old customer enterprises are specialized in the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and transmission and distribution equipment. In 2021, the company established a cooperative relationship with Huatian power through the introduction of old users, and purchased the test transformer, adjustable megger and other equipment produced by Huatian power. After the customer's on-site feedback, up to now, the equipment has good performance, after-sales support awesome, and the users have recognized the overall service of Huatian power.

Recently, the customer company has the need to add equipment this time, so it contacted Huatian power at the first time. The chief technical engineer of the user directly connected with Huatian power sales, checked the equipment parameters of Huatian power selection one by one, and repeatedly confirmed the performance.

After confirming the purchase list, the user unit has also consulted many manufacturers nationwide. After several rounds of discussion and comparison, Huatian power has successfully won the favor of customers and successfully reached cooperation with its absolute cost performance advantage.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, the project progress of the user unit is currently lagging behind. In order to ensure the construction period, Huatian power responded quickly and arranged the cooperation of all departments at the first time. The goods were prepared and delivered to the user unit the next day after the contract was signed. Such a fast delivery speed also makes users appreciate it. In the follow-up, Huatian electric power technicians will also keep in touch with users to carry out equipment acceptance and after-sales guidance services together.

Old customers choose to cooperate with Huatian power again, which is a reaffirmation of the comprehensive strength, technical level and core competitiveness of Huatian power. In the general environment of low impact of the epidemic this year, Huatian people are grateful to all new and old users for their trust and support to Huatian power. In the future, we will work harder and hope to serve the public and repay the society through our professional level and unremitting efforts!

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