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Repeated choice of old customers!

time:2022/6/15  reading:249 time

In June, the Sales Department of Huatian power reported the good news again, and Jiangxi customers purchased a batch of Huatian power high voltage test equipment.

The first cooperation between the two sides began in April, 2021. Wu Gong, the chief technical engineer of Jiangxi customer company, called Huatian power and said that the company was in urgent need of a detector and wanted to consult about the relevant information of this instrument. After receiving the call, manager pang of Huatian power had a detailed communication with Wu Gong and introduced the instruments produced by Huatian power in detail.

Finally, within one day, Huatian power successfully reached cooperation with customers with the ultimate cost performance. Manager Pang was also impressed by the speed of this cooperation. In September of the same year, the customer successfully purchased a set of power detection device from Huatian power because the customer felt very good about the equipment of Huatian power during use.

After half a year, Jiangxi customers have added new members in equipment selection. Wu Gong said that the equipment provided by Huatian power in the early stage was in good use, very accurate in accuracy and measurement, and easy to operate. Therefore, the company's late project inquiry was directly designated Huatian power brand, and then inquired by the supplier.

After contacting manager pang of Huatian power, the customer and supplier of Jiangxi Province had a deep understanding of the technical parameters and functional characteristics of the equipment after many discussions. Finally, they determined the equipment specifications according to the actual needs and purchased a batch of high-voltage test equipment of Huatian power. Not surprisingly, the customer successfully signed the order in less than half a day.

Huatian power is deeply engaged in the power test equipment industry and has a good brand reputation and brand value. Next, Huatian power will meet customers' needs to a greater extent with higher efficiency and better quality, so as to repay customers' trust and support for Huatian power.

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