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Help overseas Philippine projects!

time:2022/6/10  reading:760 time

In the first half of 2022, the epidemic is still sporadic, and cities across the country are actively fighting the epidemic. Although the epidemic has constrained our pace, it can not affect our determination to overcome the epidemic and work actively. In early May, good news came from the sales department. Shanghai Electric Company purchased a batch of UHV electric power measuring equipment again.

As early as 2020, the client company and Wuhan UHV established a mature and stable cooperative relationship. In the process of this cooperation, the two sides made smooth and pleasant progress. The equipment purchased by the client company this time is used to assist overseas Philippine projects.

At the beginning of April, the client drew up the equipment list and invited Wuhan UHV to participate in the online bidding. After accepting the invitation to bid, Wuhan UHV carefully studied the project situation and technical requirements, repeatedly confirmed the product performance with the customer's project leader, and then participated in the project quotation.

Due to many cooperation in the early stage, the customer recognized the performance and quality ofWuhan UHV equipment. After several rounds of comparison and discussion, Wuhan UHV was finally selected for cooperation. Recently, both parties are working out the details of the contract. Subsequently, the customer said that this batch of equipment was urgently needed on site, and Wuhan UHV responded immediately after knowing the situation. The goods preparation, production test and logistics transportation had been arranged and implemented, and the delivery would be on schedule.

2022 is an extraordinary year. The impact of the epidemic has led to extremely difficult development in all walks of life. We will help each other and work together. 2022 must be a year full of hope.

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