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Equipment exported to Argentina!

time:2022/5/27  reading:307 time

For salespeople, the successful signing of each order not only comes from their own unremitting efforts, but also benefits from the strong support of the enterprise's high-quality products and services, and more importantly, it is inseparable from the trust of customers.

Recently, after six months of business negotiation and technical communication, the htxz series resonant withstand voltage test device customized by Argentine customers in Huatian power has finally completed production.

In mid and late May, the foreign trade manager of Huatian power successfully connected with the customer, demonstrated and tested the equipment performance through live video, and answered the customer's doubts. On the day of video acceptance, the series resonance withstand voltage test device of Huatian power has fast automatic boost speed, and all test indexes meet the requirements specified by the customer, realizing remote acceptance at one time. At present, the device has been packed and is ready to be sent to the customer's location.

At the end of 2021, the client company sent an email to inquire about the equipment of Huatian power. After receiving the message, manager Xu responded quickly and immediately communicated with the company's technical engineers. In order to better plan the equipment configuration scheme and quotation, after some preparatory work, manager Xu immediately replied to the customer, mainly asking the customer's specific needs.


After a lapse of two weeks, the customer finally sent an email reply, providing manager Xu with some information of the required equipment, and said that he had asked a number of influential suppliers for prices. Therefore, on the same day, manager Xu sent the company profile, product catalog and transaction cases of Huatian power to the other party. After a period of friendly discussion, the customer said that he could cooperate and was willing to accept our technical proposal.

Both parties agreed that the delivery period was two months. Therefore, after receiving the advance payment, Huatian power immediately coordinated with relevant departments to organize and arrange the goods preparation and production to ensure that the construction period was not delayed. All colleagues in the production department worked overtime despite difficulties, and finally completed the production with quality and quantity within the delivery period.

This successful cooperation with Argentine customers is not only an achievement of Huatian power in opening up overseas markets, but also a sign of the leap forward in Huatian power's production technology! In this process, all colleagues of the company gathered together to overcome various problems and promote cooperation, which also reflects the determination of Huatian people to unite as one, actively forge ahead and strive to carry forward Huatian brand. In the future, we will continue to improve product quality and service level!

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