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Shaanxi customers cooperate again!

time:2022/5/20  reading:321 time

Recently, the sales department sent another good news. Shaanxi old customers once again joined hands with Huatian power and purchased a complete set of power test devices through local cooperative suppliers.

Since 2019, customers have been doing business with Huatian power. In September 2021, the on-site operator of the customer company contacted manager Feng of Huatian power business department and consulted the relevant test procedures. During the conversation, after learning that the other party's test team had the demand for this test project, manager Feng responded immediately and recommended the power test equipment independently developed and produced by Huatian power. Soon after, the client company submitted the project plan and is expected to purchase this set of test device in 2022.

Finally, in April this year, Huatian power received the inquiry letter from the cooperative supplier of Yanchang oil company. This inquiry letter is mainly aimed at the test device consulted by Yanchang oil company to Huatian power last year. According to the supplier, it is necessary to give them a reasonable quotation under the condition of meeting the technical parameter requirements put forward by Yanchang oil company, and then they will make a bidding quotation in their local supply system. After knowing this situation, manager Feng of Huatian power business department quickly and accurately verified the technical parameter requirements put forward by the user, and made a reasonable quotation when meeting their requirements. Finally, in mid May, manager Feng and others received good news. The cooperative supplier successfully won the bid with the equipment brand of Huatian power.

Before signing the contract, a detailed technical scheme was formulated for the user of Yanchang oil company according to the actual situation of the user. The communication process between the two sides was very pleasant. Finally, Huatian power also won the favor of Yanchang oil company for the third time with its superior product performance and relatively perfect after-sales service system.

Quality and service are the basis for winning the trust of customers and continuing the cooperation between the two sides. Since the establishment of the cooperative relationship between Huatian power and Yanchang oil company in 2019, Huatian power has successively provided many batches of power test equipment. According to the customer's feedback, up to now, Huatian power electric measurement products have been used well in the customer's projects, and the project testers have given high evaluation.

Thanks to the trust and support of old customers, Huatian power will live up to expectations and continue to provide more and better electrical measurement products and better pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services for new and old customers!

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