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Jiangxi customers cooperate smoothly!

time:2022/5/13  reading:330 time

Early summer is like a tree, full of sunshine and vitality everywhere. It's May. It's green, fat, red and thin. In this beautiful season, Huatian Power Sales Department reported the good news again and successfully reached cooperation with Jiujiang Dinghui power company.

This is also the first contact between the two sides. During the conversation, President Liu said: the company has three grounding resistance testers, which are also based on the ground pile method. However, due to the large amount of business, the use of equipment in the project is easy to conflict, so he wants to purchase two more. Manager Pang responded immediately after receiving the news and informed president Liu that there were many kinds of grounding resistance testers of Huatian power, including ground pile method, clamp method, multi-functional and so on. Subsequently, manager Pang explained to President Liu for various types of equipment one by one, and analyzed the differences and use methods of these equipment in detail.

After all, it was the first cooperation. In order to make customers feel at ease when buying and using, manager Pang took the initiative to contact president Liu for wechat video and "cloud visit" to Huatian power. After an investigation, President Liu said: your company is indeed a reliable manufacturer, and the production and technology can be seen!

After completing a series of procurement processes, President Liu said that the reason why the company chose to change the brand was that the previously purchased equipment did have some shortcomings in use. Today, after looking at the scale of Huatian power, it is indeed different from the manufacturers contacted before. Large manufacturers are large manufacturers!

For Huatian power, the praise of customers is the best reward for us, and customer satisfaction is also the driving force for us to move forward. We will do everything possible to meet the needs of customers.

As an old manufacturer of high-voltage preventive test equipment, Wuhan Huatian Power Automation Co., Ltd. has been established for 18 years. It has continuously cooperated with many power units. In the face of customer requirements, Huatian power will provide the latest and best services regardless of delivery date or quality!

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