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Indonesian customers buy a batch of equipment!

time:2022/5/6  reading:330 time

Last month, Indonesian customers reached cooperation with Huatian power and successfully signed a contract to purchase electrical measurement equipment. The two types of equipment purchased by the customer this time are widely sold in our overseas user group and are highly praised.

The client company is committed to becoming a leading and reliable technical service company in Indonesia. Founded in 2012, it is an integrated company integrating engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. The main business includes: overall electrical, instrumentation and automation solutions and technical services, which provide one-stop best solutions for industry, mining, power generation / transmission / distribution, oil and gas projects.

In March 2020, the customer sent an email to inquire about the ht-1200 microcomputer relay protection tester. After receiving the information, manager Qiao of the Foreign Trade Department replied immediately and sent the equipment information and quotation. The customer said he was very interested in our products and asked questions about transportation. Manager qiao patiently answered a series of questions. After the communication between the two sides became better and better, the other party indicated that it also wanted to purchase DC high-voltage generator and loop resistance tester, and would visit our company in person.

During this period, both parties kept in touch. The other party indicated that more equipment was needed. Manager qiao asked the customer to list all the equipment needed for quotation. Due to the tense epidemic situation abroad at that time, customers changed their on-site visit to online conference investigation. After the two sides made an appointment, the meeting proceeded as scheduled. After the meeting, the customer was very satisfied with Huatian power.

At the end of April, the order was basically finalized, and the two sides finally officially reached cooperation. After the production of the equipment, manager Qiao actively coordinated and cooperated with the customer's freight forwarder, and finally ensured the smooth shipment.

Here, Huatian power is grateful to the customers who gave us support and care during the epidemic. In the future, we will give back to you with better products and services!

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