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Cooperate with Singapore customers!

time:2022/4/28  reading:671 time

Recently, Wuhan UHV has successfully reached cooperation with customers in Singapore. The client company is an independent technical service provider.

Provide multidisciplinary engineering and industrial products and services. From the design, supply, installation and integration of OEM industrial equipment and electrical systems to the provision of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services and engineering solutions.With more than 40 years of experience, it enjoys a high reputation in the engineering industry and is one of the largest and most fully equipped workshops in Southeast Asia. Diversified development makes the company a regional leader in providing multidisciplinary engineering services and industrial solutions.

The customer sent the inquiry information about htzk-iv vacuum switch vacuum tester in early April this year. The regional manager of Wuhan UHV responded positively and sent the quotation to the customer in time.



After checking all the information, the customer asked two questions: 1 How to view test results? 2. What are the location and maximum distance of the magnetic unit? In order to completely dispel the customer's doubts, Wuhan UHV Technology Specialist specially conducted in-depth communication with the customer for these problems, and the detailed and detailed answers have also been recognized by the customer.



After the customer looked through the instructions in detail again, the two sides discussed the equipment transportation, payment method and other issues again. Finally, the customer sent the procurement contract in late April, and the two sides successfully reached cooperation.

Wuhan UHV has not only a professional R & D, design, production and sales team, but also a professional after-sales technical team.At the same time, Wuhan UHV's equipment has not only established a good reputation in China, but also continuously developed the international market. Its products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries and regions. Wuhan UHV has proved the hard core strength made in China with superior product quality and excellent service attitude.

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