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The ultimate service is appreciated by customers!

time:2022/4/22  reading:340 time

Recently, the Sales Department added a new order, and Huatian power division welcomed the procurement news of Gansu engineering equipment company. In this cooperation, the client company has selected 12 sets of equipment.

In fact, as early as the end of 2021, President Yan contacted manager Pang, regional manager of Huatian power in Gansu Province by telephone. At the first communication, President Yan came straight to the point and said he wanted to know what equipment needed to be purchased within the three-level qualification. Then manager Pang sorted out a set of equipment and operation instructions with three-level qualification according to the needs of general manager Yan, so that the customer company can have a basic understanding first.

After the beginning of 2022, the customer company took out the form made according to the required equipment, and made a further understanding of the commonly used equipment, and finally selected 12 sets of equipment.

Before finalizing the equipment, Mr. Yan also considered that such equipment is a professional precision instrument, and the technical workers will inevitably encounter difficulties in the operation process of the test, so he hoped that Huatian power would provide a door-to-door training service after the equipment is supplied. After hearing this, manager Pang immediately dispelled the customer's concerns and said that there was no problem at all.

And immediately promised that when the high-voltage test training course regularly held by Huatian power every year in the future starts, the customer company can send people to participate in the technical discussion and learning free of charge at any time. After listening, President Yan also expressed strong praise for the perfect and meticulous service of Huatian power. Finally, the two sides happily reached a consensus and signed a procurement contract.

For Huatian power, customer recognition is the best reward for us, and customer satisfaction is also the driving force for us to move forward. As an old manufacturer of high-voltage preventive test equipment, Huatian power has been established for 18 years. It has been carrying out friendly cooperation with many domestic and foreign enterprises. Facing the requirements of customers, Wuhan Huatian Power Technology Co., Ltd. will provide the latest and best services, both in terms of delivery time and quality.

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