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Smooth cooperation with Malaysian customers!

time:2022/4/15  reading:330 time

April, when spring returns, disguises the earth as a summer shade. In an instant, it will be April. Recently, Huatian power added new orders to the overseas market, and Malaysian customers successfully reached cooperation with Huatian power!

The customer is overseas Chinese of Malaysian origin, who has established a company in Malaysia to do service trade in electronic equipment and related parts. For 15 years now, their main target markets are Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.

As early as the end of 2021, the customer contacted the salesman of Huatian power for the first time, added wechat and asked about the price of the equipment.

The salesman responded at the first time, quickly provided the quotation sheet, calibration certificate, report and other relevant materials to the customer, and introduced the company's product customization and maintenance service policy to the customer in detail.


After a few days, the customer said that the company had other project needs and sent a second inquiry form. The salesman sent the relevant quotation details again, and confirmed the product details one by one with the customer in the negotiation process. Then, the salesman followed up with the customer and asked the customer for any comments or feedback on the quotation form. The customer replied that the company was still going through the process.

Two weeks later, the customer contacted the salesman again to finalize the order details, communicated the product packaging details and preferential prices, and confirmed the final purchase items and quantity.

After that, the two sides communicated on the transportation issue. After discussing the relevant matters, Huatian power completed the production work as planned and sent it to the customer. The customer has received the goods, is very satisfied with the production process and quality control of Huatian power products, and has finalized and arranged the next order.

Looking back on the past 18 years, UHV power has maintained a steady and breakthrough development trend and is deeply trusted by customers in the industry, which is inseparable from the working style of all staff of UHV power to seek truth from facts and deeply cultivate technology. Doing a good job of products is the foundation of an enterprise. In the future, UHV power will be technology-oriented and customer-centered, making greater contributions to the development of the world power industry.

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