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Shandong customers buy a batch of equipment!

time:2022/4/7  reading:368 time

In late March, manager Wang of Shandong electric power engineering unit contacted the regional manager of Huatian electric power and said that he needed to purchase a batch of equipment.

Previously, manager Wang has successively contacted equipment manufacturers in Wuhan and other regions and consulted about the equipment. After receiving the consultation call from manager Wang, manager Cui of Huatian power responded quickly. After knowing the customer's project needs in detail, he provided specific selection quotation according to the customer's requirements, and sorted out the product data, reference performance contract and other data to manager Wang.

Then the customer raised a question: does Huatian power equipment meet ISO standards? Manager Cui replied to the customer with affirmation. In order to dispel the customer's doubts, he also sent all the qualification certificates of Huatian at the first time. As the technical department of the customer company is verifying the technical problems of the equipment one by one and needs to report to the superior for approval after verification, it was asked whether Huatian power can provide detailed equipment instructions, operation videos and equipment calibration certificates. After learning the specific situation, manager Cui of Huatian power quickly responded one by one according to the needs of the customer. During this period, manager Cui has maintained good communication with customers.

A week later, after the assessment and screening of several equipment manufacturers, the customer said that he was very satisfied with the instrument and equipment and production technology capacity of Huatian power, and sent a message asking whether he could give more price discounts. After many negotiations, the two sides finally came up with the price terms satisfactory to both sides. The two sides successfully reached cooperation and signed the procurement contract.

Since its establishment, Huatian power has maintained friendly and close cooperation with many power units at home and abroad. Due to the impact of the epidemic, when the current market is not very prosperous, our order volume can still increase steadily. This is the support, trust and recognition given to us by customers. With this trust, Huatian power will continue to strive to provide better services for our customers.

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