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Tianjin customers cooperate smoothly!

time:2022/4/2  reading:352 time

Recently, President Wang of Tianjin power construction company visited Huatian power. The main purpose of this visit to Wuhan is to purchase a batch of high-voltage test instruments. However, due to the chaotic market of high-voltage test instruments, it is difficult to identify the real manufacturer only through telephone and network communication. The customer company had purchased equipment in Huatian, but had never made a field visit, so president Wang took this opportunity to come to Huatian power.


Tianjin power construction company is mainly engaged in municipal facilities management, sales of power electronic components, electrical equipment repair, sales of electrical and mechanical equipment, R & D of motor and its control system, inspection and testing services, installation, repair and test of power facilities and various engineering construction activities. The company has advanced management, strong technical force and excellent equipment.


President Wang first visited the Huatian power production workshop and learned about the production process and technology of Huatian power equipment in detail. The technical specialist also explained the use method of the equipment and some operation precautions for customers in detail. Under the leadership of manager he of the marketing department, President Wang also visited the raw material warehouse of Huatian power and paid special attention to the raw materials of series resonance.

After that, President Wang visited Huatian power R & D center, production workshop, high voltage test area, quality inspection center and product exhibition hall with manager he of our company, and praised Huatian power's orderly production links and familiar quality inspection process.


At present, both parties have signed the equipment procurement contract, and all the equipment will be delivered to the customer company within 5 working days. So far, President Wang highly recognized Huatian's efficiency and service, and said that he would continue to contact Huatian power if the equipment was needed in the later stage.

Huatian power has many years of electrical test experience in the chemical industry and has maintained long-term close cooperation with many chemical enterprises at home and abroad. After more than ten years of hard innovation, we believe that in the future development, more enterprises will understand Huatian power and choose Huatian power.

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