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The sales department reports good news frequently!

time:2022/3/23  reading:383 time

At the beginning of early spring, manager Hong, the regional head of Huatian power in Hebei, received a call from general manager Wang of Hebei Cangzhou third industry company, saying that he needed to purchase a batch of equipment.

Manager Hong of Huatian power gave the customer a reply at the first time, and immediately sent the relevant qualification and performance documents of the company to the customer for reference. Then, the two sides mainly communicated through wechat voice and video. The customer policy also consulted a lot of relevant technical operation problems for this batch of required equipment. After understanding the customer's needs and problems, Huatian Power Technology Specialist also conducted several docking successively, and answered all the customers' questions in detail and detail.

After more than a month, the customer said that he was very satisfied with the professional and meticulous service of Huatian power and believed that the equipment quality would live up to his trust. Finally, the equipment was ordered in mid March. In this cooperation, a total of five companies participated in the quotation, but after more than a month of communication and exchange, the customer directly chose Wuhan Huatian Power Co., Ltd. and thanked the customer for their trust and support.

Considering the high incidence of the epidemic throughout the country, the two sides decided through consultation that after delivery, Huatian power will arrange technicians to the customer's site for after-sales training after the epidemic improves.

The world will live up to everyone who works towards the goal. As a conscientious electrical measurement brand precipitated by ingenuity and time, Huatian power is very grateful to customers for their trust and cooperation. Years of trials and hardships, years of brand precipitation, reputation originates from trust, and ingenuity achieves quality. Huatian power always adheres to the purpose of "technology-based, quality first, user first and win-win cooperation".

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