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Successful cooperation with Kuwaiti customers!

time:2022/3/16  reading:684 time

The earth is warm in spring, and there is a scene of vitality everywhere. Recently, Wuhan UHV also has good news and good news. Kuwait's old customers have purchased a batch of equipment again. Now the equipment has been produced and successfully sent to the port.

Founded in October 1995, the client company is a company providing a wide range of heavy industrial engineering services and products. The company's business involves advanced industrial power, drive and automation system industries.

The customer purchased this equipment in March 2020. Then, the customer asked to see the equipment demonstration video on site. Wuhan UHV power arranged technical engineers to actively cooperate at the first time and made demonstration tests for customers. Wuhan UHV's products have also been recognized by customers. The customer placed an order to purchase three instruments, and the first cooperation between the two sides was successfully reached.

In the middle of January 2021, the customer contacted the salesman again and said that a batch of equipment needed to be purchased again, and stressed that the equipment should still maintain the same quality as last time. As it coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival, the customer and the salesman negotiate to start the order after one year. Recently, after friendly negotiation, the second cooperation has been successfully reached.

Wuhan UHV has extremely strict requirements for product quality, and it can't afford to lose for the export equipment representing China's image. Wuhan UHV will supervise the whole process of equipment technical preparation, manufacturing process and delivery to ensure that there are no errors in each link and that each set of ex factory equipment meets the high-quality requirements.

Doing a good job of products is the foundation of an enterprise. In the future, Wuhan UHV will be technology-oriented, customer-centered and make greater contributions to the development of the world power industry. Thank you very much for your support and trust at home and abroad!

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