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Hebei customers buy equipment again

time:2022/3/11  reading:427 time

In early March, good news came from the sales department that Hebei customers successfully reached cooperation with Huatian power.

As early as the end of last year, Cai Gong of Hebei wire rod company contacted Manager Hong of Huatian power and consulted about the purchase of SF6 comprehensive tester and htgk-iii high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester. After fully understanding the customer's needs, manager Hong of Huatian power Hebei region responded quickly, learned the specific needs of customers at the first time, sent the product information, manufacturer qualification, company scale, video and other materials of Huatian power to the customer, and provided selection and quotation with reference to the performance contract.

After detailed and detailed technical exchanges between the two sides, the customer expressed great trust in the product quality and service of Huatian power. After a period of comprehensive assessment on the overall quality, strength and price of five or six companies, manager Hong of Huatian power was finally informed in February that the leaders had approved two batches of equipment, and the company was going through the procurement plan at this stage.

At the beginning of March, Hebei wire rod company contacted Manager Hong of Huatian electric power again to conclude the contract and discuss the details of the two batches of equipment purchased, and finally signed the contract smoothly. At present, the equipment has been ordered and is actively producing and preparing goods. Huatian power will deliver it to customers at the most efficient speed, and ensure the quality and packaging of the equipment.

We should always be grateful to our customers. We are grateful to the society. It is the society that gives us the opportunity and environment for survival and development. We should thank every customer. It is you who chose Huatian power. It is you who helped us develop the market with wisdom and provided us with orders. It is you who feed back the market information in time, so that we can upgrade our products and further improve the places with insufficient equipment, so as to win the market.

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