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Ningxia customers visit Huatian power

time:2021/11/8  reading:385 time

Every month is a new starting point, and efforts are today. In the long river of years, everything we do is like a seed sown casually. Under the moisture of time, we slowly take root, germinate, branch, blossom, and finally bear our own fruit. In early November, President Li and President Yao of Ningxia electric power company visited Huatian electric power. Manager he and Manager Hong, the regional head of Huatian power, gave them a warm reception.


It is reported that the main purpose of the customer's company representative's visit to China is to investigate the real powerful manufacturers. Because there are numerous manufacturers of power detection equipment and their strength is uneven, it is difficult to distinguish the truly powerful manufacturers only by the network. Ningxia electric power company is mainly engaged in intelligent maintenance of distribution stations and charging stations, power emergency repair, preventive test, upgrading and transformation of power transformation and distribution equipment, detection of insulating tools and instruments, power quality management and other businesses. It covers a wide range and the company is highly operational.

Since Manager Hong of Huatian electric power had business intersection with President Yao in the early stage, the visit went straight to the topic without too much greeting. The two sides further discussed the equipment they had known before. Then, under the leadership of manager he of Huatian power, he visited the product R & D room, production workshop, series resonance production base and multi-functional exhibition hall. Subsequently, the htgk-iii high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester was demonstrated separately. After a morning's on-site investigation and exchange, President Li and President Yao of Ningxia electric power company had a deeper understanding and understanding of Huatian power, and improved and upgraded a batch of equipment selection to be determined before. Before parting, President Li and President Yao highly recognized the production scale, product quality and technology accumulation of Huatian power.


Over the past 18 years, Huatian power has accumulated a large number of new and old customers. It is a domestic professional power installation (repair and test) qualification and power test equipment R & D and production enterprise. Huatian power will customize electrical test products with different configurations according to the test requirements of different voltage levels.

In recent years, Huatian power has developed rapidly, and the user group has expanded to railway, subway, aviation and other fields except the power system. He is always successful and has no boundaries. Huatian power has contributed its own strength to the development of the power industry. Its efforts and sweat have never failed every Huatian person and wholeheartedly serve every customer. We have been on the road!

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