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Help Ivy League famous school laboratory project

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In late autumn, the north wind was cold all night, and the bone chilling coolness came quietly. In contrast, the working atmosphere of Huatian power employees is full of energy and enthusiasm. Therefore, good news has been heard frequently recently and orders have been kept. Huatian power has just reached a successful cooperation with the University of Queensland, Australia. The customer purchases a set of frequency conversion series resonance AC voltage withstand device of Huatian power, which is mainly used for the voltage withstand test of 33kV insulators.


The University of Queensland, located in Brisbane, a coastal city in eastern Australia, is one of the world's top universities and famous institutions of higher research. One of the "eight famous universities" of the Australian Ivy League, founded in 1909, is the first comprehensive university in Queensland, one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Australia, one of the six sandstone universities and a member of Universitas 21. It has won international praise for its strong teaching and scientific research strength.

Mr Joseph of the school of electrical engineering of the University inquired about Huatian power resonance equipment in early June. The business manager of Huatian power immediately communicated with him. According to the information he had, after careful consideration, the business manager of Huatian power made the corresponding scheme for the customer to choose within two hours, and gave the details and specific price of the equipment to the customer. Later, the customer said that he needed to discuss with other members of the company, and then it was in a pending state.

It was thought that the inquiry would sink into the sea, but the customer contacted Huatian power again at the end of September. It turned out that the customer's company had other concerns before, so it was temporarily shelved. At present, the customer's insulator withstand voltage test is only intended to be 300kV, and the laboratory height is 5m. These factors need to be considered in the design scheme. Subsequently, Huatian power responded positively and made a new htxz-900kv / 300kV resonance scheme. This scheme adopts two reactors. The height of the two reactors in series just meets the height of the customer's laboratory. The weight and size of each component are also reflected in the scheme.

After reading the scheme, the customer suddenly threw another problem: the power supply of the laboratory is 400V and 63A, while our scheme requires a current of 112.5a. How to solve this problem? Considering the lack of communication in the early stage, Huatian power has made a new resonance scheme of htxz-450kv / 300kV. Ten reactors are adopted this time, and the current required by this system is 55A. The business manager also kindly identifies the series parallel diagram of ten reactors, so that the problems of current and height can be perfectly solved. Moreover, the ten reactors are small and light. If the series parallel connection mode is changed slightly, the application will be more flexible than the two reactors.

The customer initially decided on this scheme and mentioned the problem of safety lock two days later. Because the client is a school and there are students around when giving lectures, they attach great importance to safety issues. They want to achieve a goal: to achieve linkage between the equipment and the door of the laboratory. When the door of the laboratory is opened, the equipment will be powered off. Therefore, Huatian power arranged Yin Gong of the R & D department to communicate with the customer remotely. Then the R & D Department discussed this issue, and finally successfully optimized the scheme of htxz-450kva / 300kV. All problems were solved. The customer expressed great satisfaction and officially completed the signing of the purchase contract after the National Day.

Huatian electric power attaches great importance to the production of this set of equipment, and has strictly controlled every link from scheme production, raw material procurement, production process control to ex factory quality inspection. Through the research and production of the series resonance device, Huatian power has not only improved its technology, but also carried forward the enterprise's hard work spirit! Integrity, efficiency and win-win cooperation are the service concept that Huatian power has always adhered to!

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