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Cooperation with Hunan Power Construction Company

time:2021/10/15  reading:342 time

The temperature in 2021 is different from that in previous years. The weather in Wuhan in October is unpredictable, but it is still vaguely hot. But after all, it is already autumn. Golden autumn should be the harvest season. Huatian power has also ushered in a bumper harvest in 2021. There are more business orders in October this year than in the same period in previous years.


Just after the national day, Huatian power had a good start after the festival. A power construction unit in Hunan purchased a batch of Huatian power test equipment.

Zhang Gong, a technician of the client company, also came into contact with Huatian power after being introduced by a friend. The friend company has always used the equipment of Huatian power. Later, it has repeatedly fed back that the equipment has good performance and simple operation, which is very suitable for on-site power test. The customer has also used the equipment of Huatian power before and is very satisfied with the convenience of operation, accuracy of equipment testing and portable design of the equipment. Therefore, the customer directly contacted Huatian power this time and arranged relevant technicians to come to Huatian power for field investigation.


Manager Hu of the marketing department was responsible for the reception. Manager Hu led Zhang Gong and his party to visit the Huatian power equipment production line and had a detailed understanding of the equipment manufacturing process and technology; Then he visited the company's R & D department and quality inspection department. During the accompanying process, manager Hu also gave detailed and detailed answers to the questions raised by customers one by one. After the visit, Zhang checked the equipment functions and parameters required this time. After the equipment functions and parameters were confirmed to be correct, he directly signed the equipment procurement contract. Due to the introduction of friends, the cooperation is progressing very smoothly. Both sides adhere to the principle of honesty, frank communication and sincere cooperation, and will be able to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win results!


After the equipment is delivered, Huatian power will arrange the after-sales service team to carry out comprehensive technical training for customers. The after-sales training courses of Huatian power have rich contents and detailed topics, including professional and detailed training and teaching from simple wiring to actual operation of equipment, to daily maintenance and precautions of equipment. Customers should be familiar with each theoretical point, think deeply and independently at all levels, truly grasp the core functions of the test equipment, understand every step in the process of practical operation drill, so that each technician participating in training and teaching can realize independent operation.


In today's increasingly fierce market competition, only enterprises with sufficient strength can survive. Natural selection, survival of the fittest, word of mouth between customers is far more effective than advertising by enterprises themselves. Therefore, the recognition of users is the fundamental for the long-term survival and development of enterprises.

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