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Xi'an customers visit Huatian power

time:2021/10/9  reading:348 time

Huatian power has another distinguished guest - Manager Yang of Xi'an customer company.

During this trip, manager Yang mainly wants to know the basic information of various power testing equipment manufacturers in Wuhan, so as to prepare for the follow-up foreign projects of his company. Because telephone communication alone could not make a correct judgment on the information received, manager Yang and his party traveled thousands of miles from Xi'an to Wuhan for on-the-spot investigation. It's a great honor that manager Yang chose Huatian power in his first stop. General manager he of Huatian power marketing department and manager Feng of Sales Department warmly received guests from afar.


The customer company was established in 2006, focusing on the research and application of relevant technologies in the field of smart power services. Since its establishment, the company has continuously explored the innovative combination of "Internet +" and traditional power industry, formed an innovative business model of "platform + product + service", provided in-depth menu services such as power consulting and design, detection and test, online monitoring and intelligent operation and maintenance management, and carried out exploration in the field of comprehensive energy services step by step to meet the diversified needs of users Personalized energy service demand. Products and services have been widely used in State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, five power generation groups, various large and medium-sized industrial users and distribution network end users. Meanwhile, following the one belt, one road strategy and the layout of overseas markets, a more comprehensive overseas business development system has been formed, and a long-term cooperative relationship with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad has been established.


After the meeting, the two sides made a brief company introduction to each other in the conference room. During the negotiation process of more than two hours, they had in-depth exchanges on the development of power industry at home and abroad, and the two sides had a good talk. Later, manager Feng led manager Yang to visit the exhibition hall, production workshop, R & D center and high-voltage test site of Huatian power, and introduced in detail the uses and use methods of various equipment. It can be said that there is no doubt about the true knowledge.


On the same day, after a series of inspections, manager Yang was very satisfied with the scale, technical details and meticulous service of Huatian power plant. He believed that Huatian power was a trustworthy manufacturer and hoped to carry out a series of in-depth cooperation in the later stage.

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