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Beijing old customers reach cooperation again

time:2021/9/26  reading:356 time

In early September, the sales department heard that old customers in Beijing ordered a batch of Huatian power ht-tc cable fault tester again.

Huatian power cable fault tester was upgraded in early 2021. Many user friends have been paying close attention to the specific revision of the instrument. After the revision of the cable fault tester, the appearance design and distribution of the whole set of equipment are more compact, the volume and weight are reduced by one-third, and the portability of the equipment is improved; In terms of performance, the acoustic vibration sensor with special structure and special low-noise devices are used as preamplifier, which greatly improves the sensitivity of fixed-point and path detection of the instrument; In the signal processing technology, the acoustic magnetic synchronization method is added, and the distance between the fault point and the sensing probe is digitally displayed, which greatly eliminates the blindness at fixed point.


Huatian power established a cooperative relationship with Beijing customers in 2017, and subsequently ordered 16 cable fault testers at one time in 2018. In mid August 2021, the customer contacted Huatian power again and expressed his intention to purchase cable fault tester. The users have been closely following the official account of Alex Hua Tian electric power to understand the latest product information of the company, so at the scene of the urgent need, they contacted the staff for the first time, and asked for the purchase of new version of the equipment and instruments. In the follow-up communication, the customer fed back that the original purchased equipment had been used for nearly three years. At present, there were no quality problems with the 16 equipment, and fully affirmed the product performance of Huatian power. However, two problems are also raised: 1. The volume and weight of the equipment itself are not portable enough, and if one person moves on site, it should be carried out in several times; 2. When finding the fault on site, there is a slight deficiency in the analysis waveform, and I hope to give support.


After knowing the customer's specific needs, the manager of Huatian Power District introduced the upgraded version of cable fault tester to the customer in detail, sent the physical pictures of the equipment to the user for confirmation, and marked the specific dimensions and weights of the equipment; Then he made an appointment with the customer and arranged technicians for in-depth and detailed technical communication. During the special period, the two sides decided to communicate through video conference. After several hours of one-on-one detailed explanation, Huatian power technicians and customers introduced the waveform analysis methods under different fault conditions in simple terms, so as to enable users to master various knowledge points, accurately grasp the core points in the process of equipment use, and help users solve their worries.


After signing the order, the user said to the staff that the five cable fault testers ordered in the early stage are only part of the demand. At present, there is an urgent need on the site, and the subsequent orders will be ordered one after another. He is also very willing to choose Huatian power as a long-term partner. At present, this batch of equipment has been urgently processed and successfully sent to the user's site.

Huatian power has focused on electrical measurement for 18 years. From the initial production of a single product to mass production of today's multiple product lines, from conventional products to customized equipment, the needs of the market guide our continuous innovation and development. In the future, huatianren will make unremitting efforts for the leading brands in the electrical measurement industry!

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