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Electronic Welding Competition

time:2021/4/20  reading:1301 time

In order to strengthen the company's skills and personnel team construction, further improve the quality of products.

On April 15, 2021, Huatian Power organized front-line production and technical personnel to carry out the annual electronic welding skills competition.

The rules of the contest are to remove electronic components such as chips, resistors and capacitors from the PCB board within 30 minutes, and then weld the new electronic components back onto the PCB board.


Although it sounds simple, it requires the technician to be careful, patient and quick to respond. With the above conditions, we also require the pads to be beautiful and clean.


No falling off the solder pad, round and glossy solder joint, no cold welding, dummy welding, welding, leakage and other bad phenomena, PCB board clean and clean without excess residual solder wire.


Before the competition began, all the participants were full of passion, eagerness and confidence.


With a whistle, the welding competition officially began.

The participants quickly entered a serious state, skillfully operated the tools, dismantled the components one by one, and welded the new components.


The competition is based on the principle of fairness, justice and openness. The company specially invites five old employees to mark the competition as senior judges.

During the competition, the judges will keep patrolling and observe the details of the players' operation as the basis of scoring. Those who have completed the competition in advance can signal the judges to confirm and leave the competition.


As the first player left the field, let the original tense atmosphere more exciting, into the white-hot stage.

After the successful end of the competition, the five judges to the contestants' performance comprehensive score and ranking.


After the heated discussion and careful selection by the judges, Wang Yi, a young employee of the Electronic Instrument Department, won the first prize in the competition.

The purpose of this welding competition is to cultivate and select outstanding young welding experts, create opportunities and build a platform for young workers to grow and become talents, and help the company develop with high quality.


In the competition, all the competitors tried to be the first and performed very well.

It is often the details that determine success or failure, the first and second place may be a small detail.


After experiencing this conference, the loser may understand their own shortcomings, improve the defects, can continue to develop!

Considering the results of this competition, Huatian Power issued the manual welding operation specification for electronic components to ensure the quality of each product.


To improve the PCB welding process specification is intended to encourage the new generation of welding experts. Only when they grasp every detail well, can the product quality of Huatian Electric Power be guaranteed and Huatian Electric Power go further and further!


1.Welding time should not be too long, but it should be completely melted in order to avoid cold welding.

2.the surface of the solder joint should be smooth and shiny.

3. pay attention to the amount of soldering wire, to avoid welding.

4.there are positive and negative components to confirm the polarity of welding.

5. Plug-in components should be welded flat on PCB board to avoid short circuit between exposed pins and other components due to excessive length.

6. After the components are welded, subtract the extra pins and pay attention to check whether there is leakage welding.

If there is no first-class technology, there will be no first-class products, there will be no first-class enterprises.

If manufacturing enterprises want to upgrade and create brilliance again, they not only need to have high-end technology, but also need the most basic executors - a group of production personnel with excellent welding ability.


Huatian electric power through this competition to see more and more welding experts come to the forefront, the rise of these new stars also revealed that huatian is full of endless power, huatian has a strong backing, support huatian in the wind and rain forward!

Huatian Electric Power Co., Ltd has been adhering to the "Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, climb the peak of quality", to create a well-known brand in the electric measurement industry.

To live up to the support of every new and old customer, Huatian Electric Power will also repay every customer with the best quality products and the most perfect after-sales service system.

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