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Jiaozuo customers purchase equipment

time:2021/4/12  reading:1329 time

It is March of another year, in the spring, everywhere is full of vitality, and the cherry blossoms in Wuhan are also in full bloom once a year.Taking advantage of this beautiful season, Hua Tian electric power sales department and a piece of good news!

The customer this time is a company of Jiaozuo. Founded in 2015, the company is mainly engaged in electric power engineering such as project installation, repair and trial.


The equipment purchased this time is a complete set of frequency conversion series resonance test device HTXZ-540KVA / 270KVA, automatic SF6 density relay calibrator HTMD-H, high voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester HTGK-III and other 110KV required equipment.

This time is also in response to the needs of the project. We have consulted our company at the end of 2020 to learn about the equipment required for the test of 110kV system, and the project has been put on hold since then.

Until February this year, the customer decided to come to Wuhan for investigation in person, considering the qualification of the manufacturer and after-sales guarantee.


At the invitation of our company, we visited the customers at the end of February. On the same day, we conducted in-depth research from all aspects, such as production process, factory inspection, after-sales service and company management, and then went back to discuss and make a decision.

A week later, the customer was still unable to decide, after our company learned that, out of sincere cooperation, with the consent of the customer after visit, face to face negotiation of specific cooperation details, in our company's sincere price and perfect after-sales service, finally reached cooperation!

The cooperation is also competition is intense, later in the chat with the customer at the same time, learned on a visit to wuhan, then went to several factories, also have a lot of manufacturers to come to visit, in such a competitive conditions, the customer finally chose the huatian power, afterwards told clients to our fine management very recognition, and that,An enterprise can manage and operate well must have a group of responsible person's management team, so deep into the usual work, every link will be able to grasp, this is from the customer company management and operation personnel experience, but also to our work to provide valuable advice!


As an old manufacturer for 17 years, Huatian Electric Power Co., Ltd. has a solid leading position in the industry, both in terms of company qualification and production scale. Therefore, we sincerely hope that in the future cooperation, more customers can visit on the spot and truly feel the difference between each manufacturer, so that they can choose the equipment they are satisfied with.

March is like a song, everything sings together.As an old manufacturer, Huatian Electric Power Co., Ltd. has been committed to the sale of voltage resistant equipment for conventional test products such as cables, switches and transformers.

The production of fixed specifications of the source (7KW, 10KW, 15KW), excitation transformer (7KW, 10KW, 15KW), reactor (22KV, 27KV, 54KV), in the face of different test products, can ensure the test requirements at the same time, but also to achieve the shortest delivery time!

After the customer orders, a short week later, they are ready for all the equipment, urgent people urgent, need people needed, in the future days also hope that more new and old customers can succeed in cooperation!

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