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Indonesian customers purchase equipment

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Last month, Indonesian customers reached a cooperation with Huatian Power and successfully signed a contract to purchase several HT-1200 Protection Relay Test Set and HTGK-V high voltage Breaker Analyzer. These two devices purchased by customers are widely sold in our overseas user base and are well received.

Up to now, this batch of equipment has been completely produced, and according to customer requirements, relevant operation videos, product panels, appearance and outer packing boxes and other pictures are taken for acceptance. After the customer passed the remote acceptance, our company carried out strict quality inspection and testing, and has delivered the goods smoothly.

The client company is committed to becoming a leading and reliable technical service company in Indonesia. Founded in 2012, it is an integrated company integrating engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. The main business includes: electrical, instrumentation and automation overall solutions and technical services, providing one-stop best solutions for industrial, mining, power generation/transmission/distribution, oil and gas projects, etc.

In March, 2020, the customer sent an email to inquire about HT-1200 Protection Relay Test Set. After receiving the information, Manager Qiao of the Ministry of Foreign Trade immediately responded and sent the equipment information and quotation. The customer expressed great interest in our products and asked questions about transportation. Manager Qiao patiently answered a series of questions. After the communication between the two sides was getting better, the other side indicated that it would also like to purchase DC high voltage generator and circuit resistance tester, and would personally visit our company for inspection.


Because Wuhan was in the epidemic period at that time, our company had not started yet, but customers were developing technical services for transformers, and needed the support of relevant test equipment urgently. Therefore, customers are very concerned about when we will resume normal office work and arrange foreign visits, and Manager Qiao gave a truthful reply to the situation at that time. Manager Qiao's sincere response won the trust of the customer, and the other party finally confirmed the intention of purchasing equipment from our company, and indicated that he was willing to wait for our company to resume work. Knowing this news, Huatian Power was greatly encouraged and strengthened our confidence in overcoming the epidemic.

In April, our company became one of the first enterprises to resume work. After officially returning to work, Manager Qiao contacted the customer immediately, and the customer sent an email saying that they were in the state of closing the city, but the purchasing plan remained unchanged, and asked Manager Qiao to send the stamped official quotation to the customer's mailbox. The customer mentioned that the blockade is expected to last until the end of May, and he is actively applying for project payment from higher authorities.

During the period, both parties kept in touch, and the other party indicated that more equipment was needed. Manager Qiao asked the customer to list all the needed equipment for quotation. After that, the customer added multi-functional variable ratio tester, automatic insulating oil dielectric strength tester, intelligent micro-water measuring instrument and other equipment, and Manager Qiao also sent equipment information and quotation. Due to the intense epidemic situation abroad at that time, customers changed their field visits to online conference visits. After the two sides agreed on the date, the meeting proceeded as scheduled, and the customers were very satisfied with our company after the meeting.

At the end of May, the order was basically finalized, and the customer indicated that all the eight equipment consulted above would be purchased, and asked Manager Qiao to send the contract. At this point, the order has been in a state of waiting for payment for 6 months, mainly due to many unexpected situations during the period. First, because the epidemic transportation cannot be carried out; Secondly, the customer said that the boss of the company had been quarantined because of contact with confirmed patients. Therefore, the economic situation of the client company has been greatly impacted, and the payment process has been shelved.

After several months' efforts, the cash flow problem of the client company improved slightly, but decided to reduce the purchase quantity of equipment, from the initial batch purchase of 8 items of equipment to the final purchase of 2 items. Fortunately, the two sides finally reached a formal cooperation. In December, the customer paid the money. After the equipment finished production, Manager Qiao actively coordinated and cooperated with the customer freight forwarder, and finally ensured the smooth shipment.


The epidemic is ruthless, and human beings are affectionate. In this epidemic, mankind, as a community of destiny, has joined hands to meet difficulties. Here, Huatian Power would like to thank our customers for their support and care during the epidemic. In the future, we will give back to you with better products and services!

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