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Domestic News: sold a batch of equipment

time:2021/1/22  reading:1834 time

Recently, good news came again. Xinjiang Power Supply Bureau reached a cooperation with Huatian Power to purchase a batch of test equipment from our company.

This batch of equipment will be used by a test team of Xinjiang Power Supply Bureau, including HTJS-M Capacitance & Tan-Delta Tester, HTBC-V Multi-Function Transformer Turns Ratio Tester, HTZZ-50A Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester, etc. After the two sides reached a cooperation agreement, our company quickly deployed the production department staff to work overtime to catch up with production. At the customer's request, all the equipment has been delivered to the customer within the specified time.


Xinjiang Power Supply Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid Corporation, takes the construction and operation of power grid as its core business. Its business area covers 14 places (prefectures and cities) in Xinjiang and some areas of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, with a power supply service area exceeding 1.3 million square kilometers.

At the beginning of November, Xu, the client unit, contacted Manager Li of the Marketing Department of our company, and learned about and consulted the relevant power test equipment. After receiving the message, Manager Li enthusiastically introduced the performance parameters of the equipment and the advantages and service features of our company to the customer system.

After fully understanding Huatian Power's comprehensive strength, competitive advantage and evaluation among users, Mr. Xu made a comprehensive comparison with other manufacturers with the same production qualification. Finally, our company won the favor and recognition of Xinjiang Power Supply Bureau by virtue of good equipment reputation and high cost performance. However, the other party also raised some concerns, such as Xinjiang is too far away from Wuhan, and we are worried that our company will not deliver goods and provide after-sales service in time. Manager Li listed our company's achievements and after-sales service cases in Xinjiang and Tibet in recent years, which enabled customers to completely dispel these concerns and firmly choose to purchase products from our company.


Facts have proved that Huatian Power has lived up to the expectations of customers and completed the production and delivery of this batch of products with good quality and quantity within the specified time. With regard to the post-sales technical support, our after-sales engineers are always ready and on standby. As long as customers have demand, we will provide professional and efficient after-sales service for customers as soon as possible.

Word of mouth has accumulated for 16 years, and the equipment produced by our company has been sold to all provinces, cities, districts and counties in China. We have gone through hardships and mountains, striving to let our customers experience the high-quality equipment and efficient service of Huatian Power.

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