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Our company won the bid again

time:2021/1/15  reading:2228 time

In recent years, Huatian Power has made great efforts to open up the market by virtue of its excellent product quality and sound service system, and has repeatedly stood out in the bidding procurement projects of major enterprises and institutions, demonstrating the strong strength of high-quality brands in the electrical measurement industry. Last month, our company won the bid with good news. After winning the bid for the test equipment procurement project of Three Gorges Group, we won the tender project of wind power preventive test equipment invested by Zhongnan Survey, Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.


Zhongnan Survey, Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. ("Zhongnan Institute") is an important member enterprise of China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1949 and is one of the top 500 enterprises in the world. Central South Institute has 16 Grade A certificates of comprehensive engineering design and engineering investigation, engineering consultation, engineering supervision and environmental impact assessment, and has undertaken the planning of wind farms in 18 provinces, autonomous regions and 11 countries. The installed capacity of the surveyed and designed wind farms exceeds 30000MW.

The cooperation between Huatian Power and China Power Construction Group is not the first time. Previously, our company had cooperated with many enterprises under its control, and provided high-voltage test equipment for many domestic and foreign projects of its subsidiaries, such as the First Bureau of China Water Resources and Hydropower, Guiyang Electric Power Design and Research Institute, etc., which were well received.


The equipment bidding project was inquired by China Power Construction Lanshan New Energy Co., Ltd. on the Internet. After that, Huatian Power was invited to participate in the bidding because of its good reputation among users and high reputation in the industry. In this bidding, Huatian Power was selected as the first winning bidder and won the project successfully because it had good cooperation with the companies of China Power Construction Group, and had excellent equipment reputation and technical strength.

There are 33 pieces of equipment purchased by customers this time, mainly including frequency conversion series resonance AC withstand voltage test device, relay protection tester, DC high voltage generator, AC/DC indicating instrument detection device, winding deformation tester and so on. Up to now, Huatian Power has received the bid-winning notice provided by the customer, and both parties have formally signed the purchase and sale contract. All the equipment of this project is being urgently stocked, and will be sent to the customer's site immediately after the production is completed and the strict quality inspection is passed.


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