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Domestic News: Shaanxi Customers

time:2020/12/30  reading:1505 time

As we get into the early winter, Huatian Power Marketing Department keeps ordering. In recent days, good news came again, and Shaanxi customers purchased a set of HTXZ-135kVA/108kV Series Resonant Systemfrom our company.


At the beginning of this month, the person in charge of the customer company contacted Manager Feng of the sales department of our company, indicating that some cables need to be subjected to withstand voltage tests on site, and it is urgent to purchase a series Series Resonant Systemfrom . After detailed communication, the equipment selection and specifications were determined quickly. Since both parties had a pleasant cooperation before, the customer signed a purchase and sale contract with Huatian Power without hesitation after determining the equipment plan.


This cooperation between the two parties is not the first time. Since this year, this is the second time that customers have purchased test equipment in our company. In September, the customer consulted our HT-TC Cable Fault Locator, and Manager Feng immediately sent the detailed information of the equipment after receiving the message. After getting a general understanding of the equipment, the customer exchanged and communicated with our technical engineers several times.The customer quickly reached a cooperation with our company and signed a contract.


Shortly after the customer received the equipment, our after-sales colleagues also arrived at the customer's site quickly. After some communication, they learned that the other party still did not use our cable fault tester. Therefore, the after-sales service was not carried out smoothly. At the end of October, the customer project site encountered the high resistance fault of buried cable. Upon hearing this news, Manager Feng of our company immediately applied to the company for technical personnel to go to the site again for the second after-sales service. This after-sales service quickly helped customers solve their urgent needs at that time, so customers had a very good impression on our equipment and technical services.

It is precisely because the customer had a very good experience in purchasing and after-sales service in the previous cooperation with our company that it laid a solid foundation for the second cooperation between both parties. Repeated cooperation with old customers also proved that the quality of our equipment is trustworthy.


Huatian Power will continue to carry forward the spirit of Excellence, adhere to the concept of safety and reliability, and continuously produce high-quality electrical measurement equipment, providing customers with cost-effective products and thoughtful services, and at the same time contributing to the protection of power safety.

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