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Help overseas substation projects

time:2020/12/21  reading:1063 time

Recently, our company helped Yongding Group Zambia Substation Project, and this cooperation drew a successful year-end end for the sales of Huatian Power Market this year.


In early November, the customer contacted Huatian Power, and both parties communicated in detail about the actual situation of substation site in Zambia and the test items to be carried out. After preliminary communication, the business manager of our company confirmed one by one with relevant departments at home and abroad of Yongding Group, and set up a detailed equipment configuration plan according to the specific information provided by the other party.

It is reported that Yongding Group has strict requirements in selecting test equipment suppliers in order to ensure the smooth development of substation project in Zambia, and has conducted investigation and comparison among several manufacturers at the same time. This month, after a month-long technical exchange and business negotiation with Huatian Power, Yongding Group finally chose Huatian Power as the partner of this project among many suppliers.


In this cooperation, our company will supply this customer with the following equipment: HTJS-M different frequency dielectric loss tester, HTGK-IV high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester, HTDW-3A large ground grid grounding resistance tester, HT2565 digital double display insulation resistance tester, etc.


In this cooperation, our company will supply this customer with the following equipment: HTJS-M Capacitance & Tan-Delta Tester, HTGK-IV HV Switch Tester, HTDW-3A Ground Network Earth Resistance Tester, HT2565 Digital Insulation Resistance Tester, etc.

Since its establishment, Huatian Power has cooperated with many large enterprises and units, participated in overseas project construction for many times, and received many praises and accumulated rich experience.


Huatian Power has been recognized by many partners for its honest operation and professional manufacturing. We sincerely welcome you to cooperate with us!

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