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Our equipment is exported to Italy

time:2020/12/18  reading:839 time

In December, Italian customers reached cooperation with Huatian Power for the first time, purchasing our HT-1200 Protection Relay Test Set, ZGF Integrated DC Hipot Tester, HT-TC Cable Fault Locator and other equipment. This batch of equipment has been completely produced, and has passed the strict quality inspection, packaged and sent to the port smoothly. The epidemic situation has not completely dissipated, and the perfect delivery of each export equipment has condensed the wisdom and sweat of Huatian staff.


Founded in 1995, the client company is a group company, which is formed by merging four leading companies in automation, robotics, renewable energy and industrial engineering. These companies cooperate in the field of shared steel industry and renewable energy, including operating companies and public utility companies, focusing on the automation transformation, control and supervision of renewable energy power plants.

At the beginning of this month, the customer sent an e-mail to consult our company's HT-702 Protection Relay Test Set, HT-TC Cable Fault Locator , HTNY-H Portable Hipot Tester, HTFA-103 CT PT Tester, GM-5kV Megohmmeterr and other equipment, among which the relay protection tester requires a Windows10 software system.

After receiving the information, Manager Qiao of the Foreign Trade Department of our company immediately collated the technical parameters, quotation information and qualification documents of relevant equipment according to the customer's requirements and sent them to the other party. The advantages and disadvantages of three relay protection testers produced by our company are introduced to customers in detail. Among them, HT-702 Protection Relay Test Set belongs to single chip microcomputer type, and HT-802 relay protection tester and HT-1200 relay protection tester belong to industrial control type. These two types can be connected to notebook computers and bring their own Windows operating system, which are powerful.


After several days of technical exchanges, the customer asked Manager Qiao to quote the products of DC high voltage generator, HT-802 relay protection tester and HT-1200 relay protection tester. After receiving the quotation information from Manager Qiao, the customer replied that he decided to purchase HT-1200 Protection Relay Test SetZGF Integrated DC Hipot TesterHT-TC Cable Fault Locator and other equipment from our company, and said that they would let the company's procurement contact Manager Qiao to communicate with other matters.


Subsequently, the customer company purchased and sent an email, hoping that our company could modify the quotation information according to their required format before submitting it for review. The requirements are as follows: 1. We should take our company as the head and describe the basic information of the company; 2. Payment method-bank transfer within 30 days from the date of receipt of invoice; 3. Quote terms CPT;; 4. Mode of transportation-express delivery; Manager Qiao made careful modifications according to customer requirements.

In addition, the customer asked for OEM, and Manager Qiao asked relevant personnel to send a draft example with customer LOGO to the customer, and the other party was very satisfied after reading it. After both parties have confirmed all matters, the customer sent a purchase contract, and said that through several days of technical exchanges and business negotiations, they are full of confidence in our equipment and services. If the equipment works well after acceptance, they will continue to purchase equipment in our company.

Under the "epidemic" of the global common war, Huatian Power has overcome difficulties and actively explored overseas markets to provide customers with excellent products and high-quality services. In the past, most of our overseas customers came from Southeast Asia, America and other regions. Since this year, Huatian Power Equipment has been exported to many European countries. This time, the cooperation with Italian customers has consolidated our European market. In the future, we will continue to contribute our own strength to the domestic and foreign power industry with solid steps!

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