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Help Vietnam coastal power generation project

time:2020/12/11  reading:1185 time

The sound of the horn is urgent, and the drums for winning the championship are high. Huatian Power has entered the sales sprint stage in 2020. Colleagues in the marketing department kept a close eye on the target and made concerted efforts, which ushered in a small transaction peak this month. In early December, good news came from Manager Zhang of Marketing Department again. Guangzhou Equipment Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation with our company and ordered a batch of test equipment to be used in Vietnam Coastal Phase II 2×660MW coal-fired power plant project.

The equipment purchased this time includes: HTXZ(L) Power Frequency Series Resonant Test System, YDJ AC/DC Hipot Test Set (Oil Immersed), TC Control Console, HTJY-80A Transformer Oil BDV Tester (Single Cup), GM-5kV Megohmmeter, HTZZ-100A Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester, Equipment such as HTBX-H Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer(FRA Test Set), HTGK-III Circuit Breaker Analyzer, HTYB-3H Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester, SMG2000E Double Clamps Digital Phase Meter,HTBC-V Multi-Function Transformer Turns Ratio Tester (TTR), etc.


This project started from the net hanging in June, and Manager Zhang of our sales department has been actively following up and paying attention. From cooperating with the bidder's authorization to participate in the bidding, to checking and signing the list of the final winning equipment, Manager Zhang kept close communication with Manager Lin of Guangzhou Equipment Company, and carefully and repeatedly checked the parameter details of each equipment of the project.

Hard work pays off, and customers choose Wuhan Huatian Power after comparing many suppliers. After receiving the good news of winning the bid, Manager Zhang continued to communicate and confirm more carefully with Manager Lin on the details of the supplied equipment. For example, the equipment operating system instruction in English and Chinese, delivery time, address of receiving port, packaging requirements of foreign trade equipment, and arranging technical personnel for on-site installation training services. Finally, taking into account the arrangement of the owner's use site, Manager Zhang also made detailed remarks on specific information on each type of equipment. Through the meticulous technical exchanges before and during the sale, it has won the favor of customers, so that the owners have no objection and the customers are satisfied.


In 2020, Huatian Power has invested more in technology research and development and after-sales maintenance, and is committed to providing customers with more advanced, practical, high-quality and reliable products and services, and making unremitting efforts to continuously improve customer satisfaction. After 16 years of hard work, our company's consistent policy is "excellent quality, thoughtful service, customer first and honesty first". Huatian Power will increase its performance by 28% every year. In the future, we will continue to maintain the innovative spirit and accumulate strength, keep exploring and keep moving forward. We sincerely welcome colleagues from all walks of life to cooperate in an all-round way and work together.

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