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Domestic News: Old customers purchase equipment

time:2020/11/27  reading:998 time

Last month, Manager Yu of Nanning Runjian Co., Ltd., an old customer, contacted Manager Zhang of our company, indicating the need to purchase a batch of equipment. After detailed communication between the two parties, Manager Zhang worked out a selection plan for the customer according to their needs. After some consideration and determination, the customer chose to buy Huatian Power's self-produced equipment again.

The equipment in this batch includes ZGF DC Hipot TesterHTBX-H Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer(FRA Test Set), HTYB-3H Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester, etc. After reaching the cooperation intention, both parties signed the purchase and sale contract after the process was completed within 3 working days.


The client company was established in 2003 and successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2018. The company has established R&D centers with certain R&D capabilities in Guangzhou, Nanning, Beijing and Jinan, including five departments: Big Data R&D Department, 5G Product R&D Department, Industry Intelligent Platform R&D Department and Enterprise Informatization R&D Department. He has been awarded "AAA+ China Quality Credit Enterprise in 2018", "China Tower Five-Star Maintenance Unit in 2018", "Pioneer Enterprise in Credit Construction of Information and Communication Industry in 2016-2017", "Advanced Unit in Communication Network Maintenance Service Management Innovation in 2016-2017" and "Leading Enterprise in Communication Service Operation in China in 2016-2017".

This batch of equipment purchased by customers is our regular product. After signing the order, quality inspection has been arranged quickly and sent to the customer site. Through this cooperation, the relationship between customers and our company has once again warmed up, and it shows that Huatian Power is regarded as a long-term partner! Huatian Power has been serving global customers with the principle of "high quality, high standard, high service and high efficiency". Over the years, it has reached project cooperation with many authoritative high-tech enterprises.


Runjian Co., Ltd., as an old customer of our company for many years, is not the first time to purchase our equipment. Before that, both parties had good cooperation. Through many times of cooperation, customers have fully experienced our perfect after-sales service system, excellent and reliable equipment performance and reasonable product price. This is also the reason why the other party will choose to cooperate with our company as long as they have equipment requirements.


The equipment independently developed by our company has great automation advantages and rich operation functions, which greatly improves the efficiency and safety of power detection work. In the future, we will more actively promote and develop high-voltage power safety testing equipment, improve service level, and make more contributions to the safe, intelligent, efficient and stable operation of power industry!

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