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Old customers purchase equipment again

time:2020/11/13  reading:728 time

Near the end of the year, Huatian Power ushered in the peak transaction period in the second half of the year, with customers' orders continuously, and the company was extremely busy. At the end of last month, we welcomed Jiaxun again, and the old customer Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Tsinghua Sichuan Energy) once again reached a cooperation with our company to purchase a batch of Huatian power equipment.

This batch of equipment includes: DDG Primary Current Injection Test Set, HT-1200 Protection Relay Test Set, HL Standard Current Transformer, etc. At present, Huatian Power is actively stocking up to ensure that the equipment is delivered to customers with good quality and quantity within the specified time.


The cooperation between the two parties mainly focuses on high-voltage test, secondary circuit test and other test projects. In addition to supplying relevant test equipment for energy supply in Tsinghua and Sichuan, our company also provides reference opinions and corresponding technical support according to the needs of the other party's projects.

The customer unit was established in 2016, which was jointly established by Tsinghua University and Sichuan Province. Focusing on four research directions: clean energy production and consumption, deep integration of energy and information, large-scale energy storage and hydrogen utilization, energy strategy and market mechanism, 32 high-level research teams have been introduced, bringing together more than 300 high-level talents at home and abroad, forming a talent system integrating scientific research, industrialization and service.


After using Huatian Power's equipment for a period of time, Tsinghua Sichuan Energy was satisfied with our equipment and services, and began to purchase in batches gradually. Every time a customer purchases equipment, it will be repeatedly discussed by technicians from both sides to ensure the accuracy and practicability of supply.

Good reputation can't be made overnight, and the trust of customers can't be built in a day or two. Since its establishment, Huatian Power has been adhering to the principle of "honesty, cooperation, pragmatism and innovation" to serve every customer seriously, and has won the trust and patronage of old customers by virtue of high-quality equipment and good service!


In recent years, the business volume of Huatian Power is increasing day by day, and more and more large state-owned enterprises, universities, research institutes, joint ventures, etc. are cooperating with Huatian Power. With the growth of business, the brand building of Huatian Power was further promoted, and many customers came here to purchase Huatian Power products. We firmly believe that Huatian Power will surely sail in today's surging market competition as long as we do our best to make products.

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