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Inner Mongolia customers purchase equipment again

time:2020/11/6  reading:767 time

In mid-October, the sales department sent another good news, and Inner Mongolia Electric Power Engineering Company and Huatian Power reached a cooperation again to purchase a batch of test equipment from our company. Among them, this batch of equipment includes one HT-802 Protection Relay Test Set, one HTFA-103 CT PT Tester, and one  HTGK-III Circuit Breaker Analyzer,etc.


This year, our company has supplied equipment for Inner Mongolia Power Engineering Company for the second time. As early as June this year, this customer purchased a large number of test equipment such as Huatian Power Series Resonant Voltage Withstand Device. Because the equipment put into use before won unanimous recognition from the other side's technical and user personnel, the customer did not hesitate to choose our equipment again.

After the contract is signed, our company will prepare the goods immediately and deliver them to customers as quickly as possible. However, closing does not mean closing, and after-sales service is also an important link in cooperation. The customer is not very skilled in the operation of some of our equipment in the field test. As usual, our after-sales engineers should have arrived at the customer's project site to provide technical support. However, as the end of the year approached, the signing of Huatian Power's order entered the peak period, which caused the after-sales service personnel to be unable to arrange, and the customer was particularly anxious to issue a test report to Party A..

In order not to delay the other party's test, Manager Feng of the sales department, who docked with this customer, was anxious for the customer, and immediately reported to the company that after applying, our company sent a senior technician from the production department who took his time off. Finally, it helped the customer solve the problem of field test very smoothly, and made the customer have a satisfactory after-sales service experience!

There is no trust without reason, and there is no success without pains. To win the trust of customers depends on excellent technical strength and high-quality equipment quality. After the test of practice, it has been proved by time that Huatian Power has always been a leader in the electrical measurement industry, and has been committed to providing customers with high-quality electrical measurement products and one-stop after-sales service.

In the future, Huatian Power will continue to forge ahead, keep the spirit of innovation, constantly explore and accumulate strength, and develop towards a faster and stronger goal in the field of electrical measurement equipment! Huatian Power has been in business for 16 years, adhering to the tenet of quality first, honesty first and win-win cooperation, and solving the problem of electrical measurement for customers with good products and high-quality service!

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