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Singapore customers purchased a batch of equipment

time:2020/10/30  reading:772 time

Since its overseas business, Huatian Power has been highly recognized by many customers with its high-quality products and services, which has gradually formed a new market pattern of dual-track operation at home and abroad.


Recently, Singapore customers have reached a cooperation with Huatian Power to purchase a batch of HT-802 microcomputer relay protection tester and HT-1200 microcomputer relay protection tester from our company. Up to now, this batch of equipment has been produced and successfully sent to the port through quality control at different levels.


Founded in 2010, the client company mainly undertakes electrical engineering projects, technical testing and analysis services. Our business includes: installation and maintenance of switchgear, transformers and cables, and certification of products and services, such as testing of switchgear, transformers and cables, infrared thermal imaging, etc.

Last month, the customer sent an email to inquire about our relay protection tester, which has many models and styles. Since the other party did not mention the specific model and parameters, the foreign trade manager of our company immediately replied to the customer after receiving the message. After preliminary communication, our company will send detailed information such as parameters and quotations of various types of relay protection testers to customers by mail.


After receiving the email, the customer did not reach a deal with our company immediately, but indicated that he would reply after submitting it to the leader for review. In the following days, the other party communicated with the foreign trade manager of our company in detail again on the currency trading methods and equipment transportation channels. During the period, customers expressed great satisfaction with our equipment and services. A few days later, the leader of the client company made a final decision, finally approved our equipment and technical scheme, and immediately sent a purchase order.

This batch of equipment purchased by customers is a product independently developed by our company. Based on DL/T624-1997 Technical Conditions for Microcomputer Relay Protection Test Equipment issued by the Ministry of Electric Power, we listen to the opinions of users extensively, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of similar products in China at present, and make full use of modern advanced microelectronic technology and devices to realize a new miniaturized microcomputer relay protection tester, which can test various traditional relays and protection devices, and also test various modern microcomputer protection devices.


Through this cooperation, Huatian Power has not only accumulated rich overseas business experience, but also carried forward the practical spirit of the enterprise! We will, as always, uphold the principles of honesty, cooperation, pragmatism and innovation, and continue to provide higher quality equipment and more thoughtful services for the power grid and power industry at home and abroad!

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